This page serves two purposes. The first is to honor Broker Rick’s son, Christopher R. Valdes, whom tragically passed away from meningitis in 2012 at the early age of 18. The second is to inform our Your Family Realty family and friends about meningitis through a link to a wonderful association dedicated to informing and fighting against this stealthy disease.

No family knows life without tragedy and Rick’s family is not an exception. On October 11, 2012, Rick got a call that Chris had fever and was not feeling well. That same day, Rick took Chris to an urgent care medical facility to be seen by a doctor. As happens to often with meningitis,Chris was misdiagnosed with a common virus and sent home. The next very early morning, Chris was feeling worse. Rick immediately took Chris to a hospital emergency room and a few hours later he became our angel. He had bacterial meningitis.

Chris was a gifted person in every aspect of the word. As a human being, regardless if you were family, friend, or stranger, he was always cheerfully there to help in any way he could. He was an honor student whom excelled in both academics and sports. He remains the only student in his middle school to be awarded the same year with Student of the Year for both academics and athletics. He is very missed and serves now as our inspiration, our angel.

For more information about meningitis please visit the following link: National Meningitis Association